Yes, It Is Possible To Sell A Home In Less Than A Week

Selling real estate without an agent doesn’t have to be a long, arduous and energy-draining experience. Yet you still find a townhouse for sale or estate agents listings dragging on for weeks or months on end. It is possible to sell a home in less than a week, whether you have never sold one or not!

In someplace like, for instance, it can be easier and quicker to sell, more than anywhere else, mainly because for every property listed online, there could be 7-10 potential buyers. But all this depends on a plethora of factors, including Property Hosting’s assertion that over 75% of these buyers start their house searches online.

Today, you are going to learn about the ingenious hacks and tricks that can enable you fast-track your home sale process.

  1. Home Stage, take superb photos, upload them online!

Because you are listing your property online, let the house look incredible. From the drop-dead stunning sitting room, an urbane kitchen, cool study and other vital areas, let everywhere be an absolute stunner. Today, it is a good idea to find a pro in home staging to plump up those cushions, set fresh flowers on top of the table, re-pleat curtains and de-clutter the surfaces on your behalf.

  1. Put out the word

Listing your property on several property listings websites and placing newspaper ads isn’t enough to woo enough clients and eventually land a nice deal. Sing out to everyone that your property is up for sale – neighbours, workmates, Facebook friends, church mates, etc. You could even erect a giant banner right outside the gate for all to see!

  1. Now, be ready to handle streams of potential buyers

Keep your phone lines open, be as present on Facebook as possible and reply to phone calls and texts that relate to the advert. While at it, be wary of those property agents who will emerge with juicy valuations. Instead, trust those who have strong reputations for similar property sales in the neighbourhood.

  1. Play ‘hard-to-get.’

With the best photos of the most vital details and their respective descriptions available online and your phone ringing endlessly, let the newfound publicity do its magic. Start by turning down all viewing requests, of course, in a courteous way. Use an even better excuse like “I decided to include a few pre-sale improvements.” Those who are really vehement in buying it will reach out with more enthusiasm, which will most definitely result in a faster sale.

  1. But, what if you can’t avoid accepting visits from potential buyers?

Well, make sure the first impression counts. With that being said, de-personalise the house, keep all clutter away and be sure to keep the whole house looking fresh, cosy and magnificent.

  1. Be ready with what your solicitor could need

Arrange your window and door certificates, building regulation certificates, warranties and other legal documents so that they are available when they are required. Also, be sure to have the title deed ready since this is the most critical document.

  1. Finally, have an experienced estate agent within your reach

They are those guys who live and breathe property sales and will most probably know what a potential buyer will like to know. A seasoned property agent will be on hand to answer all questions, respond to any concerns and ensure everything ends well.