What Home Sellers Need To KNOW?

Since, for most of us, the value of our house, represents our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, when, one decides, to sell his home, he begins with as much knowledge, understanding, etc, as possible? There’s more to selling a house, than what, may homeowners, seem/ appear, to think/ believe! It requires professionally pricing properly, a quality, relevant, marketing plan, teamwork between the homeowner and the agent, he hires, and many other things. Sellers would be best – served, and represented, if they understood, what they need to KNOW! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it’s the smartest approach, when you decide to put your home, on the market.

1. Knowledge; keep (versus throw – away): How does one accumulate the relevant knowledge, which might, help, in this important process? How can someone differentiate, between, so – called, wise – tales, and practical, rational, relevant, helpful information? In terms of making the best possible, first impression, wouldn’t it be helpful, to know, what you should keep, and use, as part of the staging, and what items, should either be, thrown – away, or, at least, stored, off – premises?

2. Needs; neighborhood; niche: Be realistic, in terms of the location of your house! What are the strengths, and weaknesses of this area, and, how might that impact, your listing price? Are the neighborhood schools, conveniences, and safety – related, aspects, beneficial, in getting it sold, at the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the last hassle? It’s smart for an agent to explain the potential niche market, or markets, for this particular house, and, align his marketing efforts, with, both the needs of his client, as well as the qualified, potential buyers!

3. Options; opportunities; organized: The more organized the marketing and sales efforts, and, how well, client and agent, work together, as a team, the better, the potential opportunities! Smart sellers discuss, thoroughly, with their selected/ chosen agent, the wisest options, and alternatives, and how, to work together, to maximize the results!

4. Wisdom; when; who; where; what: The more, relevant wisdom, a homeowner gathers and collects, the better the results! Knowing, when price adjustments, and/ or, strategic ones, might be needed, and why, makes the process more efficient and effective. Who will do what, and when, creates far less stress, and, thus, eases the overall process!

If your going to sell your house, what should you KNOW? Will you be helpful, to your own, best – interests?