7 Steps To Effectively Market A House

Perhaps, because, for most, their home’s value represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, and/ or, because of the personal relationship, we often develop, with, where we reside (because of our life – cycle circumstance, etc), when we make the decision, to move, and sell the house, we owe it, to ourselves, to proceed, in the most effective way, possible. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, examine, and discuss, a 7 – step approach, to successfully, marketing a home.

1. Determine niche: What might be the ideal buyer, for your house? Is it better suited, for a bigger family, or would it be considered, a starter – home, or step – down type? Are the schools in the area, a positive, selling point? How convenient are factors, such as transportation, shopping, entertainment, etc? Doesn’t it make sense, to consider this, first, to proceed, with a focused marketing plan?

2. Marketing Plan: Once you have determined, who, and what, you are marketing, agent and homeowner, should come, to a meeting – of – the – minds, and determine a quality, detailed, marketing plan, so they can proceed, with teamwork, and, on, the same page. How will the house, be marketed? Where will it be promoted and advertised. and why? What will be the agent’s responsibilities, and which will be the homeowners? Working together, understanding their joint strategy, and focusing, on the best way, to have the home presented, are key, early steps.

3. Teamwork: When agent and client, understand what they seek, and work together, towards a goal, the potential of effectively marketing it, is exponentially enhanced. From the onset, create and develop a working timeline, schedule, price adjustment – considerations, etc.

4. Selling – interactive and proactive: There’s a big difference between sales, and selling. While sales is a description, effective selling must be interactive, using follow – ups, and a strategy, and proactive. Agents must present the property, inspire and motivate, and become professional sales – closers, in order to get the best results.

5. Pricing: The initial Listing Price, should be based, on a professionally designed and prepared, Competitive Market Analysis, also known as a C.M.A. Homes priced, right, from the start, generally get the best results. Agent and homeowner, should discuss nuances of pricing, including the need for price – adjustments, when market conditions dictate.

6. Negotiations: Home sales need the help of professional negotiators! When the approach is open, honest, and based on win – win, homeowners win!

7. Closing: The goal of the process must be on closing the deal. When an agent provides professional guidance and service, he markets the house, from the onset, focused on achieving the best closing results.

These basic 7 steps, help to effectively market a house. Homeowners should carefully select their agents, and proceed, on the same – page!