The Psychology Behind Automatic Doors – Why They Make Us Feel Safe and Welcome

Automatic doors are an increasingly common feature in many businesses. They’re not just for convenience but also to make people feel safe and welcome.

They use sensors that detect sound, light, weight, and movement. They’re designed to adapt to different environments. Simply put, automated door systems trigger automatic door opening, typically in response to an approaching human. Swinging doors and sliding doors are both possibilities for automated doors. The industry for automatic doors manufactures its intelligent-access goods using metals like iron, aluminum, or steel and other materials like glass, plastic, or wood.

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Automatic doors in Ellison Doors New York, are a great way to make your business more convenient for everyone. They help people with disabilities and those carrying groceries, pushchairs, or shopping trollies enter your building quickly.

They also contribute to energy savings because they open only when activated and close after a specified period. This helps maintain air conditioning in your building and save money on your heating and cooling bills.

In addition, automatic doors are a great hygienic solution because they prevent the spread of germs and other infectious agents when people pass through them. They also allow you to create a cleaner, more modern aesthetic for your business.


Security refers to the ability of a person or thing to protect itself from danger. This could be physical, like money or jewelry, but it can also be information or online activity.

Automated doors are an excellent way to increase the safety of your business, especially if you’re a retailer that relies on high-value products. They help keep unwanted people out of specific areas and can be controlled remotely by security professionals to allow or disable access.

They are also energy-efficient and save much money on heating costs by only opening when necessary. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and makes for a healthier environment.


In busy stores, airports, shopping malls, and hospitals, automatic doors make getting people in and out of the building more accessible. They are also a lifesaver for wheelchair users, children, and older adults who can’t open a door manually.

While they are essential in many modern buildings, it’s important to remember that automatic doors are still machines and require special safety precautions. To ensure their efficiency and safety, it is recommended that they are regularly tested.

It is also essential to post signs informing people that the doors are automatic and that they should stand clear of them until they are opened. This makes it easy for people to understand how to use them safely.

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