Granny Flat Plans – How To Get Ideas

If your property is eligible for granny flat development and you’re thinking of building this small home as an additional structure reserved for a member of the family, or something that you can lease off, one of your concerns, perhaps, is what design of granny flat would look, fit and cost just right. Land dimensions, vegetation and other factors need to be considered in determining which granny flat plan could work. If you need some inspiration for this, there are several places you can get ideas from.

Virtual Places

Great virtual places you can visit to score ideas for the granny flat you want built are Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is especially a fantastic source of inspiration because you have designs coming from different parts of the globe, so there’s a more well-rounded set of granny flat styles to choose from. You have everything from whimsical, straight-out-of-a-fairytale styles, to the most innovative designs that may actually provide the special advantage of saving a whole lot of money.

Aside from the exterior appearance and actual floor layout of the house, you can also expect to find an abundance of solutions that you can use once the house is completed and your new responsibility is to decorate and maximise space. You won’t get price estimates here, though, but if you’re simply looking for inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram, and even Google Images, are great to check out.

Websites Of Contractors

Now, if you’re looking for granny flat plans with a lot of details, better check out websites of contractors. From cubic one-bedroom homes to country-inspired two-bedroom dwellings with an attached garage, they can all be found in the virtual portfolio of contractors, and the number and variety of plans continue to increase over time as more and more of their projects get completed. Every plan even has a detailed description as well as the estimated cost, so you’re surely going to have an easier time figuring out how to prepare for the project and what you can actually do with the final outcome.

Architectural Magazines

You can also check architectural magazines – they’re perfect if you’re searching for the latest and most creative designs. You can either buy the physical version or just go online for the digital edition. The only problem with these magazines is that very few really focus on the granny flat, so basically you just get ideas that you can incorporate into the granny flat plan.