Choosing Your Home Builder

Most of us aspire to have a home for ourselves and our families. One important step in achieving this goal is to choose the right builder for your home. You are going to put in a fairly big amount of money towards this goal and you must take all precautions to ensure that it is spent wisely. Choosing the right builder is a very good start in this direction. Running through the following checklist will save you any future hassles.

• Does the builder have good experience in the field? For how many years has he been in business and how many homes has he built during this period? Check out some of the homes he has built to be sure about his work.

• Does the builder have all the necessary regulatory permissions, licences and approvals? Can he ensure that the home is built in accordance with the housing regulations in the locality and can he obtain all the necessary regulatory approvals in time?

• What is the average length of time that the builder’s employees have been with him? This is a good measure of the credibility of the builder.

• Skim through the real estate section of your local newspaper. From this you can gather a fairly clear idea of the builders who are active in your neighbourhood, the type of projects they undertake and approximate prices.

• Check out with real estate agents, friends, relatives and former clients with respect to the work done by the builder.

• Visit home shows and exhibitions to see the previous projects of the builder and also to check out his presence in the building industry.

• Does the builder support local charities? It is a measure of his involvement in the local community. It is one of the important things to consider.

• What are the amenities provided by the builder to his previous projects – parks, clubhouses, walkways – all these have an impact on the future value of the property?

A builder will have to satisfy on the counts of capability of his ability to build your home as well as that you can have a reasonable working relationship with him. Only after you are satisfied on both counts should you go ahead and finalise your builder. A good builder usually has an excellent reputation in the market. You can check out the builder and go through the checklist above to avoid heartaches later. It is one of the important things to consider.