Some Reasons, You Need A Real Estate Agent, With True ETHICS

Although, most state’s laws, and real estate boards, require their agents, comply with, an ethical code of behavior, in all their transactions, and interactions, there often appears, to be, considerable challenges, in defining, precisely, what agent ETHICS, means and represents. Since, for most of us, our house’s value, represents our largest, single, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to demand, the individual, you hire, serve and represent you, while protecting your interests? With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this concept, does, should, and must matter, and be demanded, and required.

1. Empathy; efforts; emphasis; excellence; endurance: When you interview potential agents, observe, whether they try to dominate the conversation, and speak, or, prioritize, effectively listening and learning, what you need, and seek! How can anyone’s efforts, focus on their clients, until/ unless, their emphasis, is on, your best interests? Great agents demand their utmost, genuine excellence, in every aspect of representing you! Since there are often, many, ups, and downs, during the real estate transaction period, hire someone, who proceeds, with the endurance, to consistently focus on you, regardless of setbacks, and constantly, serve your best interests!

2. Timely; trends: Times change, and real estate representatives must understand, and take advantage of the trends, which are most relevant! A great agent proceeds, in a well – considered, timely manner, in order to maximize potential results!

3. Humane; head/ heart: How can you be ethical, if you’re not humane? In order to get the most desirable results, one must use, both the logical, as well as emotional necessities, in a head/ heart balance!

4. Integrity; ideology; ideas; imagination; innovate: Integrity can’t be selective, but, rather, must be thorough, absolute, and genuine! One’s core ideology, must align with the finest ideas, for the client’s benefits. We are best served by someone with enough imagination, to consider the possibilities, and proceed, with a customized plan, to innovate, in serving the homeowner’s objectives, needs, and priorities!

5. Character; clever; creative; customized: You can train someone in the technical aspects, but, often, one’s character, shows through, in everything they do! Wouldn’t it be nice, is your agent, customized his marketing, and selling plan, to your specific needs, and demonstrated, the creativity, to do, what most, can’t even perceive?

6. Service; solutions; selling/ sales: Rather than focusing on problems, a wise individual, perceives challenges, to overcome! He considers things, thoroughly, and prioritizes, the highest level of personal service, in order to provide a meaningful plan, aimed at the best solutions! However, unless he gets your house sold, while protecting your best interests, he isn’t serving you, as he must!

Hire an agent, with the ETHICS, to serve, your best interests! Take the time to interview potential agents, carefully and thoroughly, to protect your personal, best interests!