6 Duties Real Estate Agents Legally/Ethically Owe Clients

Licensed real estate agents, by, both law, and the Code of Ethics, owe their clients (and customers) several duties, and obligations. While, one might hope, everyone would consistently, automatically, proceed with the utmost degree of integrity, and commitment to those they serve, and represent, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, examine, review, and consider, 6 principal duties, they are obligated to provide, either legally, professionally, ethically, and/ or. morally.

1. Maintain client’s trust and confidence: An agent must do, all he possibly can, to consistently, maintain, and earn the trust of those he represents. This means, more than merely proceeding with the utmost integrity, but, will maintain his client’s trust, and confidences. In other words, you must maintaining confidentiality, and provide representation, focused, on the best interests of a client.

2. Disclose only legally/ ethically, obligated information: Maintaining your allegiance to your client, does not mean, hiding relevant, significant, substantial issues, or material issues! In other words, if you know of any issue, or flaw, with the particular property, you must disclose it, but, any personal confidences, your client tells you about, must never be disclosed. It’s an agent’s duty, to serve the best interests of his client, in a honorable, honest, ethical manner.

3. Don’t tell others why your client wants to sell, or any other personal information!: Your client’s personal information, including anything to do, with his personal life, or finances, must be protected, and never disclosed. Disclosing it, might put the person, you are hired to serve and represent, in a disadvantageous, negotiating position.

4. Tell clients what they need to know, not just want to hear!: My trademarked slogan is, I will tell you what you need to know, not just want to hear (TM)! Ethical representation means providing the finest service and representation, to your clients! It’s your obligation to proceed, consistently, to explain whatever might improve and enhance, their financial, bottom – line!

5. Face facts – strengths and weaknesses: Every property has certain positive, as well as lesser characteristics! One must realize a particular property’s strengths, as well as weaknesses, in order to market it, effectively, and position it, to receive the best offers, etc.

6. Integrity: There must be a balance between quality selling and marketing techniques, skills, assets and abilities, with consistently proceeding, with the utmost degree of absolute integrity. Never sacrifice your commitment to the latter, for the sake of the former!

Homeowners should seek, and deserve to be represented, bu agents, who proceed, consistently, with adherence to the above – mentioned, as well as other legal and ethical commitments! Evaluate carefully, because for most people, their houses, represent their single, largest, financial asset!